Kitchen Islands, Not Bars

Maxwell is taking lofts and penthouses and turning them into individual, intimate, member-led 500 person social clubs where you store your own liquor on-site and serve yourself.


Meet Elsa Maxwell

Known for gathering royalty, intellectuals and rising stars, the “old battering-ram Elsa gives the best parties,” as the Duke of Windsor put it,

Her parties were legendary - scavenger hunts through Paris, hoe-downs at the Waldorf Astoria and troupes of trained seals in London. Born neither with fame nor with great beauty “she looked like a tugboat” - well-heeled debauchery was Elsa’s currency.

“Under pressure, people admit to murder, setting fire to the village church or robbing a bank, but never to being bores.”

Call for a better time

As Elsa wrangles the lions in preparation for the party, we’re gathering the gang to see who’s going to be involved. Get on Elsa’s little black book:

We will be choosing our first location based on where our initial committed members live and work. Please provide as much detail as you feel comfortable sharing, e.g. street numbers and street name. We want to learn what subway lines you live off, what your commute is like - in order to best build a Maxwell around what’s convenient in your life. Your info will not be shared with anyone.